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Rhino Health, INC

Rhino Health, Inc. is located in the Church Rock Industrial Park. Phase I is underway with the tenant. Rhino Health will have a sublease with the Church Rock Development, LLC). Currently, Rhino Health has a modification of an Emergency Operating Agreement (Exhibit “C”) with the Division to occupy the current production and warehouse facilities in Lot 15 at the Church Rock Industrial Park. This agreement is a temporary agreement for an additional year. Church Rock Development, LLC is currently negotiating a master business site lease with the Navajo Nation. Rhino registered on the Navajo Nation in 2017 and Church Rock Development in 2018.

The Division has been approached by Church Rock Development, LLC a New Mexico company incorporated on the Navajo Nation as a Foreign Corporation to manufacture disposable gloves. The manufacturing company, Rhino Health INC. will sublease from Church Rock Development, LLC. Both companies have a Certificate of Good Standing from the Nation’s Business Regulatory Department. The capital investment for the company operations will be from the Jungwoo Rubber and Plastics Company of Busan, Republic of Korea will invest provide a capital investment of $4M to Phase I and $25M to Phase II for this manufacturing facility. This facility will bring employment 250+ new jobs initially to the Navajo Nation where the unemployment rate is 57.6% (Source: 2016 IMPLAN Data in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, CEDS April 2018 and the per capita income is only ~ $ 12,161 (Source: CEDS, April 2018, Page 40). For Eastern (Navajo) portion of the Navajo Nation, the unemployment rate is well over 74%.

Please see video entitled “Changing Lives” to learn more.


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