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Navajo Nation Corporation Act: Forms Downloads

Register your Business
Navajo Nation Corporation Act Title 5, Chapter 19 : (more) All corporate businesses must register as a foreign or domestic corporation as a means to gain permission to conduct business on the Navajo Nation. This registration process permits the formation of various corporate entities comprised of individuals, officers, and/or investors.

If your business is already incorporated with the state, the Navajo Nation considers your company a "foreign corporation" and you must file the following:

  • 2 applications for Certificate of Authority, both with original signatures
  • 2 copies of your state-certified Articles of Incorporation, including any amendments
  • Certified of Good Standing or Certified of Existance.

If your business is not yet incorporated, you will need to decide under what entity you will organize;

  • Domestic For Profit Corporation
  • Close Corporation [a company that has a manager(s)]
  • Nonprofit Corporation
  • Agricultural Cooperative

Once you are registered with the Navajo Nation, you will need to file an Annual Report; communicate any changes in registered agents or company addresses; and alert the nation of any major company restructuring or significant organizational change through an Amentment process.

Report company status change to the Navajo Nation

  • Registered agents
  • Company addresses
  • Any major company restructuring or significant organizational change.
  • All changes must have a corporate resolution attached.

See also the filing fee schedule below for each of these activities.


LC3.1Application for Certificate of Authority
LC3.1Incorporating a Domestic Corporation
LC3.1Incorporating a Close Corporation
LC3.1Incorporating Agricultural Cooperatives
LC3.1Incorporating a Nonprofit Corporation
LC3.1Change of Registered Agent
LC3.1Change of Address for Registered Agent
LC3.1Application for Amendment
LC3.1Annual Report Form

LC3.1Forms for Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership and Uniform Partnership

LC3.1 L3C - Low Profit Limited Liability Company
LC3 L3C - Foreign Low Profit Limited Liability Company

Additional downloads to accompany the above

LC3.1NCC Filing Fee Schedule
LC3.1NUCC Filing Fee Schedule
LC3.1Rules & Regulations




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