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Where is the Navajo Nation?

Among some 500 Indian tribes and 318 reservations recorded in the country by the 2000 Census, the Navajo Nation is the home of the largest Indian tribe, and sprawls across northeast Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. It has an area of over 27,000 square miles and is situated on the southwestern Colorado Plateau. Very often, the size of the Navajo Nation is compared to that of the state of West Virginia.

The topography of the Navajoland is characterized by arid deserts and alpine forests with high plateaus, mesas, and mountains reaching as high as 10,500 feet in altitude. And then, there are low desert regions with an altitude of as low as 5,500 feet. Volcanic activities, wind and water erosions have formed and carved the Navajo Nation's many majestic mesas, mountains and canyons. Navajoland boasts a number of world-renowned scenic wonders of the Southwest, e.g., Canyon de Chelly, Shiprock Peak, Monument Valley, Chuska Mountains, Window Rock, and so on. The beauty and the culture of the Navajo Nation draw over three million tourists annually from all over the world to this majestic land.

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Types of Navajo Nation Lands and Leases
Visitation to the the Navajo Nation and Vicinity

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