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Eastern RBDO Business Resources

The Eastern Regional Business Development Office (RBDO) encourages small business development in our service area. Our intent is to develop and support Navajo entrepreneurs in the Eastern Region of the Navajo Nation.

Do you want to Start or Expand a Small Business?
IDAs Can Help You Reach Your Goal.

      What are IDAs?

  • Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are special "Matched Savings" accounts designed to assist low income households toward asset ownership to help with a business startup or expansion that will help them build their future.

  • "Matched Savings" means that for every dollar saved by the participant, the IDA program will match that amount with $4 towards an asset goal/purchase.

  • Participants commit to a savings plan to reach their asset goal/purchase

  • Participants receive personal financial management skills training.

  • IDAs are not "hand outs."  They are investments in individuals who are ready and willing to invest in themselves.

  • "Asset Purchase" can include equipment and machinery needed for the business.

  • IDAs can provide participants an opportunity to Start/Expand a "small business."

  • Total "Asset Purchase"could equal $5,000.

  • "Small Business"can be a home-based business.
For more information, please contact:  Edgar Tohtsoni
Eastern Regional Business Development Office (ERBDO)
Phone (505) 905-6400

Eastern RBDO
P.O. Box 250
Church Rock, New Mexico 87311
Phone: (505) 905-6400
Fax: (505) 905-6401
e-mail: easternrbdo@cnetco.com

Our staff will assist you with services designed and tailored to meet your business needs. We will also work in cooperation with your firm to create a productive relationship between you and the Navajo Nation.

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