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Regional Business Development Office - Whippoorwill

The Whippoorwill Regional Business Development Office (RBDO) is part of the Small Business Development Department of the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development. Our Program's intent is to develop and support Navajo entrepreneurs in District 4 and District 7 of the Navajo Nation. Our overall objective is to promote, initiate, and provide the necessary assistance to develop the Navajo Nation private sector.

The Whippoorwill Regional Business Development Office
serves the following Navajo Nation Chapters:

Black Mesa (Kits’iili) Chapter

Blue Gap (Bis dool'izhi nedeeshgiizh) and Tachee (Tachii) Chapters

Dilkon (To al chi'di) Chapter

Forest Lake (Tsiyi Be'ak'id) Chapter

Hard Rock (Tse Dildo'i ) Chapter

Indian Wells (To hahadleeh) Chapter
Jeddito (Jadi To) Chapter

Low Mountain (Jeeh deez'a) Chapter

Pinon (Be'ak'id Baa Ahoodzani) Chapter

Teestoh (Ha’naa nideetiin) Chapter

Whippoorwill (Hooshdodii to) Chapter

White Cone (Be'ak'id baa'aoogeed) Chapter



Our office is located in the Whippoorwill Springs Chapter House building complex
in Whippoorwill Springs, Arizona.  The entrance is at the South end of the building.

Our office is fully staffed with our Program Manager, two
Economic Development Specialists and an Office Specialist

One of our Success Clients

Diné Bi Association for Disabled Citizens
Construction for a group home on an 6-acre lot in Pinon, Arizona

Our office provides support for Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing, Navajo Nation Business Loan programs and the Navajo  Business Preference Certification.  We manage vacant business site leases in our service area.  Click here to find out what business site we have available.

Trainings and Seminars

Our office provides trainings and seminars.  Click here to find out
what trainings we are currently offering. 

Whippoorwill Regional Business Development Office Staff

Anthony Little, Program Manager
(928) 725-3708

Martina Yazzie, Senior Economic Development Specialist
(928) 725-3735

Economic Development Specialist
(928) 725-3734

Sonya Begay, Office Specialist
(928) 725-3707

Whippoorwill RBDO
P.O. Box 1004
Pinon, Arizona 86510
Phone:  (928) 725-3707
Fax:  (928) 725-3709
e-mail:  rbdo_whippoorwill@yahoo.com

Our staff will assist you with services designed and tailored to meet your business needs. We will also work in cooperation with your firm to create a productive relationship between you and the Navajo Nation.

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