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How the Navajo Nation will help you

The Navajo Nation offers a variety of opportunities to individuals and organizations who want to do business on the reservation. Incentives such as the Indian Investment and Employment Tax, and the Indian Employment Credit Act are both available to small and large businesses. Other incentives include lower operating costs in regards to utilities, labor wage, and employment training programs that can benefit your business's return on investment (ROI).

Lower Taxes

Navajo Nation Tax Incentives
At this time, the Navajo Nation does not tax corporate income, inventories, and personal income. Additionally, the Nation does not have property or unemployment tax (although this is subject to change). Click here for more information about the Navajo Nation Taxes.

In general, taxation on the Navajo Nation is lower in comparison to other places in the United States. This is particularly true for businesses which are newly established or which have expanded their operation onto the Navajo Nation. There are a number of federal and state tax incentives currently in place.

State Tax Incentives
State of Arizona: In 1989, the Arizona House and Senate adopted the Arizona Enterprise Zone Program and designated various Navajo and Apache counties as enterprise zones.

Thus, businesses operating in any of the portions of the Navajo Nation designated as enterprise zones qualify for state income tax and state property tax credits. Because AZ does not tax property and tribal member income on the reservation, the state tax benefits have no effect on tribal members.




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